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Animschool Fantasy Character - Tiffany - WIP - Teresa Williams

Teresa Williams
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Tiffany - Is a little fairy elf.  She was named after the iconic 1960’s poster by Robert E. McGinnis after her Mother saw the discarded poster in the forest.   My stylised character is a depiction of what Tiffany dreams to grow up to be.  Instead of the cigarette holder she has a twig and she will be standing in the pose on a leaf.   Her pet  will be a small snail rather than a cat. 


This is a new venture for me as I’ve never done a stylised character at all let alone from scratch before and I’ve only had Zbrush 2.5 months.  I am just a hobbyist but have found doing competitions really push my boundaries in a good way.    Good luck to everyone.   

Topic starter Posted : 23/11/2020 3:05 am
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Teresa Williams
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The start of Tiffany.  It has taken me a while to get here but hopefully things will  start to pick  up from here. 

Topic starter Posted : 26/11/2020 1:01 pm