How do I enter the contest?
After posting your W.I.P. to the forum, submit your final entry before the contest deadline.

Does my Animation need to be in 3D?

Yes, AnimSchool animation contests are for 3D, computer-generated Animation only.  

Do I have to post a W.I.P. (work-in-progress) to the forum to qualify my entry?

Start your WIP thread as soon as you can. We want to see the very beginning planning stages, middle, and end polish stages of your animation contest entry. Example: storyboards, references, and inspiration, acting, key poses, all the way up to your final CG animation. The forum is a great place to share your workflow, get feedback, and learn from other animators along the way. We encourage participants to keep the contest fun a friendly.

Can I submit work I already made before the contest start date?

No. Your entry must be a new original work by you, involving the contest theme. Post your work-in-progress to the forum to verify your entry.

Do you have to be an AnimSchool student to enter?

No. This contest is for most anyone 18 or older by the contest end date. The Campaign is open worldwide except in those countries with which the U.S. has trade embargos, and is void where prohibited by law. No purchase necessary.

How does the voting process work?

After the voting ends for a contest, the AnimSchool’s Review Board will select the top 3 winners and honorable mentions per division from all entries. The People’s Choice winner per division is the one with the highest vote count.

Share your entry to social media to get more votes.

The People’s Choice award is the one with the highest votes. Voting runs through the contest and ends 5 days after the contest end date.

Where can I ask questions about the contest?

You can ask questions about the contest in our forum  here or email