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AnimSchool Fantasy Character WIP - Ambra Pasianotto

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Hi guys!

This is my magic girl on her finish image.

The software I used are:

Zbrush for sculpting

Blender for retopology

Maya for the UV

Substance Painter for texturing

Blender Cycles for render

Photoshop for post processing.


This was a great contest, I've had a funny time to create my girl and I've meet a lot of great artist!

Good luck for everyone 🙂

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Posted : 28/01/2021 7:37 am
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@ambra Great work!! Congrats 🙂

Posted : 28/01/2021 9:24 am
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@ambra Love it! Absolutely amazing work 😀

Posted : 28/01/2021 10:12 am
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@galu and @fabianorrego thank you guys!!!

Posted : 28/01/2021 10:39 am
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