Bravo to all the contestants!


We at AnimSchool are so impressed by all the amazing submissions! We celebrate the spirit of comradery and learning we observed in the Work-in-Progress forum.

We especially want to thank our sponsors, XP-PEN and ArtStation for providing such great additional prizes to our winners.

Choosing the winners was no easy task. Our panel of judges wanted to express how well everyone did from the interpretation of the concept art to the technical execution, to the final presentation of the contest theme.

There were so many great entries that we’ve made the decision to award a 3rd place winner in each division with a $500 credit towards an AnimSchool course in our 3D Character Program.

We highlighted several entries with honorable mentions. Judging a contest is always a subjective process. An incredible amount of work went into your entries and we applaud your efforts. We’re excited for you to participate in our future contests, so stay tuned for more updates.

Congratulations to the winners!

Professional Division Winners

1st Place
Patrick Evrard

2nd Place
Rishikesh Nayudu

3rd Place
Antoine Dal Bo

People’s Choice:

Alexandria Hockaday

Honorable Mentions:

Long Tran

Patrick Munroe

Chen Zhang

Samuel Bourland

Novice Division Winners

1st Place
Ksenia Malysheva

2nd Place
Goody Wu

3rd Place
Lyubomir Spirov

People’s Choice:

Francisco Catala

Honorable Mentions:

Jorge Mendoza

Àñì Mhàmêđ

 Tifenn Terese

Daniel Becerril Ureña

Tatjana Kraft